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Tools and Resources for Your Return to the Lab

Returning to the lab is exciting, but your “new normal” may look quite different than your past “normal”. Due to new health and safety precautions, you may have to alter your work schedule and limit the time you physically spend in the lab. How do you stay productive and move your research forward with these limitations in effect?

Now is the time to assess your usual routines and optimize for productivity. Consider this an opportunity to make changes to move your research forward with greater efficiency, reproducibility, and relevance than before. As Scientists Helping Scientists, we are here to help you overcome challenges and further scientific progress.

Explore the tools and resources below or chat with us about your specific needs.

Plan Your Return to the Lab

Planning ahead can help make the transition back to the lab a productive and positive experience for you and your colleagues. Follow these tips to proactively get organized for your return.

Templates and Checklists

Lab Reopening Checklist

Access a collection of downloadable resources, including a checklist to help you reopen your lab.

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Upgrade Your Tools and Technologies

Take the opportunity to re-evaluate your procedures and techniques. You may notice inefficiencies or areas for improvements in your past practices. Perhaps it’s time to try new tools and technologies to make your work more efficient, reproducible, and relevant.

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Efficient Tools and Technologies for Life Science Research

Accomplish more in less time and with less effort by making smarter choices for the tools you use in the lab, including cell isolation and cell culture technologies.

Consider how you can automate key processes to maximize productivity. Automation allows you to reduce the time you spend in the lab to manually perform procedures. Learn how these instruments can do the work for you:

Discover More Tools for Your Research Area

Working in shifts and can't process your samples immediately? Store them in HypoThermosol® FRS for the short-term.

Sharpen Your Techniques

Explore our extensive collection of technical resources, including protocols, tips, and videos to help you perform your experiments more efficiently.

Find Support

Chat with us and let us know how we can support you during your transition back to the lab.

Product and scientific support

Product and Scientific Support

Email or call us to find one-on-one support for setting up and troubleshooting your experiments.

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Contract Assay Services

Generate critical experimental results and meet project milestones by using our assay services.

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