Moving from Academia to Industry

Have you considered moving from an academic research career to an industry position? Do you wonder if it will be the right fit for you?

Your academic training in understanding and solving problems complements the skills required for a successful career in the biotech industry. You will also find that there are many opportunities to continue to learn and improve your skills through an industry career.

From Bench to Big Business

Hear CEO and Founder of STEMCELL Technologies, Dr. Allen Eaves, discuss his transition from a bench scientist to a biotech entrepreneur.

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Many STEMCELL employees started in academia and successfully transitioned to fulfilling careers in biotechnology, either inside or outside of the lab. Listen to some of them describe their personal journeys in select episodes of the Stem Cell Podcast or the Immunology Podcast featuring STEMCELL employees. You will learn about the large variety of career options in biotechnology and hear advice for making the move to industry yourself.

William Dunworth: Non-Bench Careers

Non-Bench Science Careers

A Senior Sales Manager in Sales at STEMCELL, Dr. William Dunworth, talks about his transition from a research lab to working in Sales and provides advice about science careers beyond the bench.

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Steve Szilvassy: Academia to Industry

Moving from Academia to Industry

Dr. Steve Szilvassy, now retired, was the Head of Hematopoietic Products at STEMCELL. He discusses his long career as both a research scientist and industry leader in the hematology and oncology fields.

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Nicole Quinn: Science Communication in Industry

Science Communication in Industry

STEMCELL’s Director of Scientific Communications and Brand, Dr. Nicole Quinn, left the bench behind to pursue a career in science communications. Nicole discusses the role that industry can play in science communication and how podcasts can support scientists.

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Andy Kokaji and Hannah Lee: Career Paths in Immunology

Immunology and Industry

Dr. Andy Kokaji is a Senior Director of Immunology and Dr. Hannah Lee is a Senior Director of Product Management at STEMCELL. They discuss their career paths and how they develop and commercialize products to support scientific discovery.

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Jackie Damen: Scientific Support in Hematology

Scientific Support

Dr. Jackie Damen is a Principal Scientist in Scientific Support for Hematology and was previously the Director of Contract Assay Services. She talks about STEMCELL’s culture, helping scientists to conduct their experiments, opportunities in industry, and her affinity for microscopy and photography.

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Ryan Conder: A Career in Epithelial and Organoid Systems

Leading an Epithelial and Organoid Systems Team

Dr. Ryan Conder is Director of Epithelial and Organoid Systems in STEMCELL’s R&D department. He discusses the next phase in the organoid research field and what questions organoids can help answer. He also describes his experience doing a postdoc in Vienna and how Vancouver is a growing biotech hub.

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Laura Raff and Ami Ashar-Patel: Connecting Customers with Immunology Products

Supporting Immunology Researchers

Dr. Laura Raff is an Associate Director of Sales and Dr. Ami Ashar-Patel is a Senior Account Manager; both work in STEMCELL’s Immunology team. They talk about their career transitions from academia to industry and how, in their current roles, they support scientists’ research endeavors.

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Listen to more inspiring interviews with scientists on the Stem Cell Podcast and the Immunology Podcast, found wherever you get your podcasts. You can also learn more about Dr. Allen Eaves’ vision and career path and the STEMCELL culture of Scientists Helping Scientists on our About Us page.

Careers at STEMCELL include competitive benefits and opportunities to achieve your full potential with growth-driven training and development. Employees at STEMCELL Technologies enjoy an excellent work-life balance as well as the purpose-driven nature of the company. They also appreciate that their work has a far-reaching impact on the broader scientific community.

Explore current opportunities by visiting our STEMCELL Careers page.