Customized Cell Separation Kits

Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs

Are you trying to isolate a very specific or rare cell type and can’t find a readily available kit? Or are you looking to modify an existing kit? We can help you create your own custom cell separation kit or you can combine your own antibody with our EasySep™ indirect kits.

Leverage our more than 20 years of cell separation expertise, extensive range of antibodies, and variety of cell isolation methods to create tailor-made products to isolate your cell type of interest.

Below are some examples of tissues and sample types our custom cell separation cocktails have been used for:

  • Non-human primate peripheral blood
  • Human diseased samples
  • Rat tissue
  • Mouse tissue
  • Rabbit tissue
  • Salivary gland tissue

Create Your Customized Cell Separation Kit

Choose one of the following options to create your custom cell separation kit:

Design Your Own Custom Kit

Choose your desired cell type or the cell surface antigens you would like to target. We’ll then create a kit that matches your specifications.

Customize Existing Kits

Modify the components, packaging, and/or labeling of standard STEMCELL cell isolation kits to fit your needs.

Learn more or submit your request by contacting Sales Support or your local Sales Representative to discuss your specific cell isolation requirements.

Use Your Own Antibody

Combine your own antibody with kits in the following options:

Use Your Own Labeled Antibody

Use your own conjugated antibodies with EasySep™ Release kits or EasySep Biotin, FITC, PE or APC selection kits to isolate your cell of interest.

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Use Your Own Mouse IgG1 Antibody

Combine your own mouse IgG1 antibody with our EasySep™ “Do-it-Yourself” Positive Selection Kits to isolate the cells you want.

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Not sure which option would work best for you?

Contact Product & Scientific Support at to discuss your specific cell separation needs. They’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Examples of published cell types isolated with our custom cocktails:

    • Mouse splenic CD14 and F4/80 cells1
    • Rat lung lymphatic endothelial cells2
    • Human resting CD4+ T cells3
    • Human CCR7+ T cells4
    • Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL)5
    • Salivary gland cells6

Choosing the Best Selection Method and Platform

When creating custom products, we will assess the possible selection methods and platforms to find the best solution to meet your unique needs.

What Is the Best Selection Method?

The choice between negative and positive selection methods can depend on the required cell purity, recovery, and on your downstream application.

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What Is the Most Suitable Cell Isolation Platform?

The most appropriate cell separation platform and technology will usually depend on the sample type and tissue you are isolating cells from.

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Have more questions? Email us at or contact your local Sales Representative, to discuss your specific cell separation needs.