Organoid-Based Assays

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Organoid-based model systems are increasingly being used to supplement or replace traditional models in preclinical drug testing. Organoids recapitulate the cellular complement of the modeled tissue and thus enable the detection of effects that may be missed in other models such as cell lines, which may not have all cell types of a specific tissue, or animal models, which may have limited relevance to human physiology. As such, many therapeutic development programs are now incorporating organoids as part of their preclinical discovery programs.

Partnering with STEMCELL’s Contract Assay Services (CAS) for organoid-based assays is a cost-effective and time-saving way to add more predictive data to your findings. Learn more about how our in-house experts can help by browsing the options below or contact us to discuss how we can help meet your goals.

Intestinal Organoid Assays

Assess your candidate compounds for intestinal cytotoxicity and disruption of intestinal barrier function. Explore our options for intestinal organoid assays in multiple species.

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