Digital and Remote Resources for Your Lab

You can maintain research momentum and feel connected to your field even if you are out of the lab. The following support services and scientific resources can help you and your lab keep up to date with the latest discoveries and stay connected with the global research community.

Virtual Support for Your Research

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are all facing shifting working conditions to slow the spread of the virus. The commitment of STEMCELL to support your ongoing research, however, remains as strong as ever.

As always, our global Product and Scientific Support team continues to provide comprehensive customer support by phone, email, and live chat 6 days a week. Although our Scientific Sales and Instrumentation Support Teams may not be visiting labs, these teams are available remotely to ensure that you have the tools and support you need. We are also able to provide remote instrumentation support to avoid operational downtime in the lab. Finally, your local Sales Representative is available to work with you by phone, email, live chat, or video to explore how we can help you keep your research on track during this time of escalating uncertainty.

Resources to Keep Up with Your Field

Don’t let being out of the lab prevent you from keeping up with your field. Stay connected with your fellow researchers through newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and more!

Subscribe to Science Newsletters

Subscribe to Science News for free, weekly science newsletters covering a variety of immunology and cell biology fields. Featuring recent top peer-reviewed research and review papers, as well as policy and science news, our newsletters provide a platform for users to keep current with their field in changing situations.

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Listen to Our Podcast

The Stem Cell Podcast shares scientific findings, knowledge, and expertise with the stem cell research community through updates and insights on the latest publications, and includes long-form conversations with experts in the stem cell field. To listen, download the episode from your favorite podcast app, or stream the episode live on the Stem Cell Podcast website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter, which alerts you to new episodes and provides show notes that link to all the publications discussed.

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Learn how to use social media to stay current in your field of research with our webinar featuring STEMCELL’s Scientific Communications team! You can also join discussions with fellow researchers through our Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.

Webinars, Interviews, and Articles

Many researchers are struggling with the reduced ability to interface with scientists in their field due to restrictions around gathering or traveling. You can connect with scientists speaking about their work and research fields by exploring an extensive collection of webinars, researcher profiles and articles, organized into research fields.

If you’re interested in discussions that will likely impact a wide variety of research areas over the coming years, you may want to delve into the recordings and summary of the recent Nature Research Roundtables. These events, co-organized by STEMCELL Technologies and Springer Nature, brought together field experts and key editorial staff to discuss some of the most pertinent issues facing scientists using pluripotent stem cells and organoids.

Panelists from Nature Research Round Table: Challenges in Ensuring hPSC Quality

Panel: Challenges in Ensuring hPSC Quality

Hear global experts discuss key issues impacting the use of human pluripotent stem cells in this series of webinars provided in partnership with Nature Research.

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Panelists from Nature Research Round Table: Challenges in Ensuring hPSC Quality

Panel: Advances in Organoid Applications

Global organoid experts explore topics impacting the adoption and future of organoid technologies in this article and series of webinars provided in partnership with Nature Research.

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