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In vitro neuroscience models - pluripotent stem cell-derived neural rosettes, brain organoids, and live-imaged rodent neurons

Enhance Your Research with Electrically Active, Complex Neuronal Culture Models

In vitro neuroscience models are powerful tools to validate mechanisms identified in animal models, and healthy, physiologically relevant cultures are critical to their predictive value. STEMCELL Technologies offers quality-controlled neuronal media formulations, tailored for the unique needs and health of different cell models. With our optimized media, you can achieve the reliability and flexibility you need to get the most out of your culture system:

  • Reliably differentiate and mature neurons and glia from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) and set up compatible cell type co-cultures
  • Dissociate, expand, and differentiate neural stem cells from human brain tumor samples or from rodent tissue samples
  • Obtain functional, active human and rodent neural cultures with BrainPhys™, including formulations optimized for long-term live imaging
  • Generate self-organizing or small molecule-patterned 3D neural organoids reliably and efficiently
  • Conduct research on the peripheral nervous system or ectomesenchymal neural crest derivatives with tissue-specific media
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