Register: On-Demand Introduction to STEMvision™ Course

Sign up for an on-demand course to learn best practices for the operation of automated CFU scoring using STEMvision™.

This virtual course will guide you through the following topics:

  • Introduction and tools required for automated hematopoietic colony scoring using STEMVision™
  • Critical steps for image acquisition of CFU cultures
  • Analysis of CFU assay results and how to use the Colony Marker™ software
  • Identify and troubleshoot the most common issues with CFU assay Protocols that are observed when working with the STEMvision™ instrument
This on-demand course is divided into four sessions and a final assessment. Following completion of the course, trainees can choose to receive a certificate of completion. Note that this is not an accredited course and cannot be used to receive Continuing Education (CE) credits.