Proven Protocols for Intestinal Organoid Culture

Download this resource to access optimized protocols for getting started with IntestiCult™, as well as advanced downstream assays.

Intestinal organoids have come a long way since their development in 2009. Considering their application in a variety of fields from developmental biology, drug discovery, personalized medicine, and more, intestinal organoids are a powerful tool for any researcher.

This e-book provides an introduction for researchers who are new to intestinal organoids or are considering integrating them into future research, as well as more advanced protocols to bring your research to the next level.

In this e-book, you will find:

  • Strategies for successful isolation and subsequent culture of human-derived intestinal organoids
  • Proven protocols for a wide variety of well-established assays from immunocytochemical staining, toxicity testing, and genetic manipulations, to protocols on creating and utilizing intestinal organoid derived monolayers
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